So there's this independant CD Store "Looney Tunes" near where I used to live. Since I moved they expanded into a few other buildings, one of which holds CDs for only $1.99. I use this as a means of obtaining new music. I stopped in the other day and while looking through the rap section for Coolio, I came across "Bumblebeez81."
I've never heard of them before, but the CD looked pretty cool so I bought it.
Well, I've been listening to it since then, and I'm falling in love.
I've never heard anything like them before, and I assume that's why you guys love them too.
Maybe someone could fill me in on their deal.
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MySpace Friend.

the lead singer and master of ceremonies of Bumblebeez 81 has added me to his friend list on Myspace. I didn't add him first...he requested ME. you have no clue how awesome this is. This is like one of my top 5 bands. the 'beez' are in the cd player in my car RIGHT NOW. I'm so hyped. I tried to explain it to Suzanne just now...but she doesn't know what myspace is...or who the 'beez' she was mostly like, "eh".

I tried to explain the popularity of the Bumblbeez 81 to her by this:

There as popular as Dashboard Confessional was like three years ago.
I don't know who that is.
Um...Franz Ferdinand two years ago.
I don't know who that is.
Um...well, you know Weezer?
Weezer like 10 years ago. The point is, they're known! and the guy somehow found me and added me!
Well, that's cool.

Lunchtime homies. Peace out.
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A Review

Bumblebeez 81
The Printz (Modular Recordings/Geffen)

Plenty of scribes have unloaded on The Printz, and it's easy to see why. This compilation of two EPs is often a mess, with Aussie provocateur Chris Colonna and one-named helpers such as Pia and Surya gleefully engaging in unnatural acts of rock, hip-hop, and plenty more, without the slightest regard for common sense. Yet the chaos behind these theories often exudes a twisted charm.

Although "Pony Ride," a mélange of distorted vocals, clap-happy percussion, and brainless hooks mixed by Mario C, is the chief attraction, the platter sports plenty of other amusing moments -- and if many of them are unintentional, who cares? "I Come with Water" overcomes its myriad weaknesses via eccentric pronunciation ("I come with wah-tuh to put out yo fi-yuh!"), while "Rappa" contains the inspirational verse "I wanna be a rappa/Not a ho backstage/At an Eminem show/Earning minimum wage." Such moments make The Printz one of the zaniest discs to appear on a major label in years. Dance this mess around. -- Michael Roberts | originally published: July 22, 2004
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Not to be confused with the children's music artists of the same name, the Bumblebeez (known in the U.S. as Bumblebeez 81) hail from Braidwood, a small town in Australia's New South Wales territory, and craft a cut'n'paste collision of noisy hip-hop and rock. Producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Colonna is the architect of the Bumblebeez's raw sound, although his sister Pia (aka Queen ViLa) often contributes raps and backing vocals and his best friend Surya plays bass and guitar. Colonna began making music when he was 13, but chose to study art; in his last year of art school, he won a scholarship to attend New York's Pratt Institute. While in Brooklyn, he immersed himself in his three passions: art, tennis (he played on NYU's tennis team), and music.

Along with an internship at Astralwerks, Colonna absorbed the city's hip-hop scene as well as rock bands such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Strokes. Both kinds of music informed his own work: his laptop-created productions -- which number nearly 500 at last count -- veer between spare, syncopated, Neptunes-inspired hip-hop and buzzing rock songs like "Ponyride" and "Step Back," both of which were among the tracks he submitted to the Fly Music Competition and Triple J Unearthed Contests in 2002. The Bumblebeez won both contests and put out their debut EP, White Printz, early the following year. The EP received U.K. distribution later that year; meanwhile, Colonna and company kept busy playing Australian festivals, including Splendour in the Grass, and completing their first full-length. The Bumblebeez made their U.S. debut, as Bumblebeez 81, in summer 2004, releasing Printz -- which combined White Printz with the U.K. single Red Printz -- through Geffen Records.

~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide
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The Printz

Alright, here is the info on the U.S. album:

"The Printz"
Release Date: May 25th, 2004 (out now)

01. O U No
02. Step Back
03. I've Come With Water
04. Let's Go
05. Microphone Diseases
06. Get Dressed
07. Pony Ride
08. Bambino
09. Brooklyn
10. Vila Attack
11. Vampires
12. Rappa
13. Pink Fairy Floss
+Enhanced Video: "Pony Ride"

Last time I checked, you can pick up the album at for only $10. Check for the video and other stuff like interviews and pix.
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