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MySpace Friend.

the lead singer and master of ceremonies of Bumblebeez 81 has added me to his friend list on Myspace. I didn't add him first...he requested ME. you have no clue how awesome this is. This is like one of my top 5 bands. the 'beez' are in the cd player in my car RIGHT NOW. I'm so hyped. I tried to explain it to Suzanne just now...but she doesn't know what myspace is...or who the 'beez' she was mostly like, "eh".

I tried to explain the popularity of the Bumblbeez 81 to her by this:

There as popular as Dashboard Confessional was like three years ago.
I don't know who that is.
Um...Franz Ferdinand two years ago.
I don't know who that is.
Um...well, you know Weezer?
Weezer like 10 years ago. The point is, they're known! and the guy somehow found me and added me!
Well, that's cool.

Lunchtime homies. Peace out.
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